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One fundraiser posted on FaceBook asks to give as little as $1. YouCaring website,you can give as much or as little as your heart desires.

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We were displaced from our building because the landlord claimed the building was sold and needed us out of it. Although our lease expired on September 30th, we asked for an extension, which he denied. After giving us the impression that he would put us in touch with the new owner, and allow us to stay, the last 4 days of the month, he claims he changed his mind. We had to move without notice to our families.

28 families are with out childcare. 10 Staff members are without jobs and income. We operator 100% on tuition payments. Therefor, we have  no money for anything at this time.

Why give? In this area where we live, quality childcare is sparse. Flexible childcare is unheard of. Affordable childcare is only given to those who qualify for state programs. At Lil’ Bobcats, we:

  • gifted approximately $25,000 in tuition payments so families can afford childcare.
  • created a flexible care schedule so parents could have options whether the care needed was full time, part time, or flexible days during the week.
  • we have extended hours for parents who commute to allow them traffic time without feeling rushed (7 a – 6:30 p).
  • we’re like a family. being small has allowed us to offer a family like environment for the children in our care.
  • we have low ratios. meaning we can give more one on one teaching to the children.

Why give? If the above listed reason are not enough reasons, then take this on for though ~ these children are our future. We need to invest our time, energy and finances in them. We need to be committed to ensuring these children get the quality education they deserve to not only prepare them for primary school, but also to prepare them for life.

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