Sophia Downing


Sophia Downing is Owner and Director of Lil’ Bobcats Early Learning Center. Lil’ Bobcats is coming soon to San Marcos, Texas. Ms. Downing has worked in Early Child for the past 10 years. She never envisioned having a career so wonderfully rewarding as learning with others through teaching young children.

A few years back, Ms. Downing dreamed of creating an Early Learning Center that focuses on the children’s needs and desires to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. She dreamed of a place where the children could learn math, science, social studies, geography, chemistry, reading, writing, language, and social development while having fun and learning with others.

At Lil’ Bobcats, the children are the curriculum. Ms. Downing has created an emergent learning environment where the children learn from working on projects with one another, bringing real items into the classroom for them to experience, and selecting learning modules based on the interest of the children. In this learning community, the children, the parents, and the teachers work together to solve inquires and find solutions to children’s natural curiosities.

Ms. Downing is a graduate from Texas State University where she earned a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences. Her emphasis was Family and Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Prior, she earned an Associates of Applied Science in Child Development from Austin Community College. Ms. Downing is a  mother of 6 children (3 adults and 3 school aged) and has 4 grandchildren. She has taught classrooms ranging from Infants to Pre-K. Her favorite are the toddlers. She frequently quotes that two’s are ‘not so terrible’.

Within the 10 years of experience she has to offer, Ms. Downing has held positions as an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Floater, Substitute, Family Worker and Teacher.

Ms. Downing is currently enrolled in Graduate Studies at Texas State University. She is working towards a Masters in Educational Leadership.


3 thoughts on “Sophia Downing”

  1. Ms. Downing is a wonderful teacher! Also, beautiful website, take care, Dianne

  2. Great Blog! I love the bobcats!

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